2010 Graduates in perspective: Lacking restaurants…and jobs?

2010 college graduates from different colleges and universities flocked to local Cagayan De Oro restaurants on Saturday, March 27, 2010.

With a number of colleges and universities which held their graduation ceremonies on Saturday, restaurants have been filled with a lot of families and friends celebrating the end of a long, exhausting yet fulfilling student life.
The restaurant business here in the city did not only benefit from this event at lunch time but even during dinner as well. This is because various universities like Xavier University-Ateneo De Cagayan had two schedules for their ceremonies to accommodate all graduates and their guests.

Many students and their families had to transfer from one place to another because of too much crowd in certain restaurants. Do we lack a number of good restaurants for family affairs such as these?

A new set of hopefuls are now looking forward to landing on their jobs. While some of them have jobs waiting for them already, most of them will still line up in the receiving areas of various companies and fill the inbox of their email addresses. When it comes to the employment rate in the city, is it similar to the issue we face in restaurants? Do we lack a number of good companies for people to be employed at?

If you’re a tourist reading this entry, know for sure that you are helping the economy of this city. So we welcome you as our friends. And the new graduates benefit from your coming here as more jobs hopefully get created out of the city tourism boost.

Point of Info: This entry does not in any way conclude the lack of restaurants and jobs in Cagayan De Oro.

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