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Cagayan De Oro is not labeled as “City of Golden Friendship” for no reason. It stands to pursue a promise to its locals and guests of an experience unique from other cities.

From exciting adventure spots to relaxing venues good for great conversations, Cagayan De Oro has it where friendships are nurtured in shared experiences. For tourists, a lineup of hotels and vacation inns are all set. A variety of restaurants both high-end and ‘cowboy’ style mushroom from one spot to another; food-trippin’ is a must. Situated in Mindanao, Cagayan De Oro is considered to be the most peaceful one. That’s what a city of friendship boasts of.

There are plenty of reasons why you must visit Cagayan De Oro. But there are more reasons why you need to EXPLORE, not only visit, our city. EXPLORE CDO will take you to the first step, making you acquainted to the possible great spots and activities you can visit and experience here.

We will provide you with resources you need to make sure that you’re off the plane on the way here convinced that you made the right and wise choice. We offer you what friends offer– helping hands. In this way, you get a taste of what CDO is really like, a City of Golden Friendship.

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