Brownouts result firms’ profit loss

Cagayan De Oro’s small time businesses are losing their profits because of the almost daily brownouts. This was reported by Sun Star Cagayan De Oro enumerating some local companies experience loss.

A computer service and brownout. That’s not a very good combination. Susan Ybarsabal is an owner of one. She said she lost a number of customers all because of the brownouts. She stated that she is experience a 30% profit decrease since this year.

Laundry shop and brownout. That sounds like a bad combination. Dr. Jerome Basang is an owner of a laundry shop in Cagayan De Oro. He said that brownouts have been causing his company to lose a number of customers as well especially those who prefer rush laundry service.

Cherica Sagrado owns a bar in the city. No light, no operation for Sagrado as bars are reliant in lights and sounds to operate. She is experiencing a 40% decrease in profit.

With the continuous rotating brownout schedules, more companies are expected to suffer its negative implications. Would this mean that the local firms should look at a new way to keep their businesses up? Or it just means that they need to invest on generators?
No one’s to blame. It’s just part of the ball game.

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