Cagayan de Oro Election Results 2010 – CDO Local Officials Vote Tally

Here’s the partial and unofficial results for the 2010 Philippine election as of May 10, 2010. The results were taken from the COMELEC and PPCRV’s official tally for the Mayoral and Vice-mayoral positions in Cagayan de Oro.

For Mayor:
1 ABEJUELA, Berchmans D. -2,672
2 BORRES, Felix, Jr. III F. -220
3 EMANO, Vicente Y. -95,969
4 ILLANA, Sulpicio B. -207
5 LLOREN, Romerico N. -349
6 UY, Jasper F. -1,672
7 UY, Rolando A. -92,676

For Vice-Mayor:
1 ACENAS, Caesar Ian E. -104,560
2 DAMO, Carmelito R. -3,813
3 OCON, Zaldy O. -75,268

*Updated as of May 11, 2010 12:00pm

This list will be updated as soon as we get the official tally results from COMELEC.

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