Cagayan De Oro Nurse tops 8 in Board Exam

Karen Lim Cheng, a graduate of Xavier University-Ateneo De Cagayan from Bachelor of Science in Nursing, landed in top eight among the many examinees in the November 2009 NLE or Nursing Board Exam. This is another leap for Cagayan De Oro after topping the list in the result for universities and colleges few years ago.

It can be remembered that Xavier University (XU) became the talk of the nation after hitting a 100% mark of their board passers among their graduates. This time, XU makes another historical leap in the field of nursing. This as well is a pride for Cagayan De Oro. It simply means that the city has one of the best universities offering the best nursing program.

Congratulations Karen Lim Cheng. You made Cagayan De Oro a newsmaker in 2010.
Kudos to all Kagay-anons!
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One Response to “Cagayan De Oro Nurse tops 8 in Board Exam”

  1. IManhorn says:

    She reviewed in St. Louis Review Center CDO! Also the review center that produced the Top 1 Clarie Bontol of IMCC!

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