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Cagayan de Oro Beach

The summer season is already here in the Philippines. It’s the hottest season in the country and tourists from all over the world travel here in the tropics to experience the exotic beaches and diving spots, our country is best known for. Spend your summer trip here in Cagayan de Oro and experience the best hotel accommodation and relaxation at some of our finest beaches and resorts. The city of Cagayan de Oro has a wide range of beach hotels for your summer vacation escapades. Foreign tourists can also seek that same experience here in the city of Golden Friendship. Whether your planning to go whitewater rafting in the cold rivers of Cagayan, or do snorkeling at some of our nearby dive spots, your stay here in the city of Golden Friendship for the summer will definitely be worth your while.

Cagayan de Oro Resorts and Beach Hotels

Apple Tree Resort and Hotel
Address: Opol, Misamis Oriental
Contact No: (08822)735-411/(08822)735-563
Number of Rooms: 37
Accommodation Rates:

* Deluxe: 1,800.00
* Deluxe Family: 2,300.00
* Suite: 4,000.00
* Lanai Rooms: 3,000.00
* Extra Bed/Person: 600.00

*Includes plate in breakfast for 2 and free use of swimming pool.

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Basamanggas Resort
Address: Kimaya, Jasaan Misamis Oriental
Contact No: (08822)760-564/(08822)760-565
Number of Rooms: 11
Accommodation Rates:

* Suite with breakfast for two: 2,700.00
* Executive with breakfast for two: 1,700.00
* Deluxe: 1,500.00
* Standard: 1,300.00
* Economy: 1,000.00
* Extra Person/Bed: 250.00

*Includes free use of swimming pool

Cha-Li Beach Resort
Address: Cugman, CDOC
Contact No: (088)855-2108/(08822)732-840
Number of Rooms: Hotel 26; Bungalows 10; Cabana 6
Accommodation Rates:

* Deluxe Cabana Single/Double: 2,850.00
* Superior Bungalow Single/Double: 2,450.00
* Standard Bungalow: 1,850.00
* Superior Hotel Room Single/Double: 1,850.00
* Standard Hotel Room: 1,550.00
* Club Room (Good for 3 persons): 1,950.00
* Extra Person/Bed: 500.00

*Includes daily set of breakfast for 2 and free use of swimming pool

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Duka Bay Resort
Address: Duka, Medina Misamis Oriental
Contact No: (088)331-2290
Number of Rooms: 30
Accommodation Rates:

* Standard: 2,260.00
* Junior Suite: 2,820.00
* Executive Suite: 3,610.00
* Beach House (10 pax): 3,500.00
* Extra Person: 340.00

*Includes complimentary breakfast for 2 for Standard/Junior and Executive Suite

Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort
Address: Mantangale, Balingoan Misamis Oriental
Contact No: (088)856-2324
Number of Rooms: 21
Accommodation Rates:

* Presidential Suite with free breakfast:  5,000.00
* Standard with free breakfast: 2,200.00
* Economy: 1,500.00
* Extra Person: 200.00/day
* Extra Bed: 50.00/day

(*Rates are subject to change without prior notice; rates are in Philippine Peso.)

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