Cagayan de Oro Rotating Brownout Schedule April 2015

CEPALCO released a new public notice regarding the scheduled 3-hour rotational brownouts that will be happening here in Cagayan de Oro in the next few days starting April 13-15, 2015. The reason behind the continuing power interruption in CDO is due to the Mindanao-wide power shortage. CEPALCO cautions customers that the actual switch off and switch on time may slightly vary from the announced power interruption schedule depending on the actual load curtailment level imposed by NGCP on CEPALCO on a day to day basis.

Check out the new daily brownout schedules from April 13-15, 2015.


For April 15 (Wednesday)

7:00AM to 10:30AM  – Group 4

10:30AM to 2:00PM – Group 1

2:00PM to 5:30PM – Group 2

5:30PM to 9:00PM – Group 3

9:00PM to 11:30PM – Group 1 & 4

11:30PM to 2:00AM – Group 2 & 3

2:00AM to 4:30AM – Group 1 & 4

4:30AM to 7:00AM – Group 2 & 3



Along Hayes St. from Camaman-an towards Capt. Vicente Roa St. up to corner Justo Ramonal Ext., including Pinikitan, Adela, Balangiao area, Quirino St. and Yacapin Ext..
Along J. Ramonal Ext. from Sto. Niño, Cogon towards V.Roa St. and  R. Chavez St. up to Corrales Ave. towards corner A.Luna St.; D. Velez St., JR Borja Sts between V. Roa St. up to PNB/Everbest including Daumar  Sts. to Yacapin Ext. up to Doña Nieves St.
All of Nazareth Subd. and Ramonal Village. From Hayes-12th Sts towards 12th -21st Sts.; along 21st  from 12th St. to T.Saco-6th Sts. up to corner 21st – 2nd Sts.
Along 21st St., Nazareth from corner 27th St. towards 20th,15th  up to  14th St. including Asian Crystal Compound.
Along 14th St., Nazareth from corner 10th St. towards 11th, 12th, 13th, 23rd, 21st up to 26th St including Xavier University Grade School.
Along 15th St. Nazareth from corner 9th St. towards 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 23rd, 24th, 21st up to 26th St. including Barangay Hall,Tennis court and Gym.
Along 16th St., Nazareth from corner 9th St. towards 10th up to 11th St.


Greater portion of Carmen proper along Lirio St. from Trinity Tree St. towards Oak St., Max Suniel St., Vamenta Blvd. up to corner Jasmin St. including Waterlily St. and Carmen Market area.
Along Mabolo St. from Lirio St. towards corner Rosal St. including portion of Marigold St. from Mabolo St..
Portion of Carmen: vicinities along Vamenta Blvd. from Fernandez St. towards greater part of Ilaya including: portions of Ipil St. and Mahogany St. from Fernandez St.; Madonna & Child Hospital; and; Seriña St. from COA towards Gumamela Ext.St., Guani Coliseum and Maharlika Police Station.
All of Macanhan, Carmen towards all of Lower Balulang.


NHA Phase 1 and Phase 2, Kauswagan towards Buara and drainage area.
Capisnon area along San Pedro St. from Manila Broadcasting Radio Station towards Las Pedras St. including San Lucas St.
All of RER Subdivision Phases I & 2 including Dolores compound;
Along Kauswagan Hiway bounded from Molawan St. towards Kauswagan Savemore;
All of Barangay Consolacion.


Portions of Carmen: along vicinities of Villarin St. towards portion of Canitoan-Pagatpat Road up to Landfill area; including St. Mary’s Academy (formerly Cathedral School of Technology), Golden Village, City Hospital-DOH Area, COWD reservoir and Seriña St. from Villarin St. down to Madonna and Child Hospital.
Max Suniel St. from Villarin St. down towards portion of Mabolo St.; including Matilde Neri St., Dabatian St. and Cagayan de Oro College area; and; portion of Lirio St. area.
Greater part of Patag including Calamansi Drive, Camp Evangelista, Apovel subdivision, Terry Hills subdivision and Anhawon, Bulua area.
Along 6th Division Road from Calamansi Drive up to Citi Hardware,Bulua near DPWH Depot.


Portions of Upper Carmen towards Dagong including SM CITY; PRYCE HOTEL; SPUM & SEARSOLIN and Landfill area.


All the Barangays of Sta. Cruz, Mohon, Sta. Ana, and Sto. Rosario, Tagoloan including Kimaya, Villanueva.
From Nahalinan,Jasaan to Green Waters including San Nicolas,Jasaan.


From back of Tagoloan Convent including St.mary’s School to Siayon,Tagoloan along National highway.
All the Municipalities and Barangays of Villanueva and Jasaan Proper.



Greater portion of the City Poblacion along  Hayes St. from Daumar St. up to Pabayo St.; S.Daumar St. up to corner JR. Borja St.; all of Mortola St.; portion of JR Borja St. from Mortola St. up to corner Velez St., including Aguinaldo St. up to corner Justo Ramonal St.,
Along Corrales Ave. from Justo Ramonal  towards FICCO corner Fernandez St., including Yacapin St. towards Capistrano St.,
Portions of T. Chaves St. from Corrales Ave. up to Tiano Bros. St. including portions of A.Velez St. from Hayes St.


Portions of Camaman-an along JR Borja Extension from junction of Macajalar-JR Borja Extension up to Cronin Village including James Way Hatchery.

Portions of Camaman-an near and including towards Manto to San Jose and St. Vianney Seminaries, greater portion of Camaman-an proper towards Bontong, Bolonsori up to Upper Camaman-an and Hayes Subdivision including Tipolohon and Alegria Hills Subdivision.
All of Limketkai Commercial Center, including McDonalds, PNB and Allied Bank; including Discovery and Mallbery Hotels.
Along CM Recto Ave. from corner Agora Road towards Maharlika Bridge,UCCP.
Portion of A.Luna St. towards all of Mabulay Subdivision and V.Roa St. including portion of the Provincial Capitol and Provincial Hospital Area.
Medical Center area along and bounded by Capistrano St., Echem St. up to corner Akut St., A.Velez St., and Recto Ave.(UCCP side).
Corrales Ext. from Gaabucayan St. towards most of PPA area.
J.Pacana St. from Recto Avenue towards all of Macabalan area.
Agora Market area including Gaabucayan St and portion of Lapasan particularly Sto. Nino and Tabaco
Lapasan-Camaman-an road from Pimentel,Sta.Cruz towards LKKS-Natasha bldg. including Bagong Lipunan,Grand Caprice, Pearlmont and Conchita Hotels up to Cogon area of Yacapin St. side.
Osmeña St. from corner C.M.Recto to Cogon up to corner Hayes St; JR Borja St. bounded by V.Roa and Rojas Sts.; portion of Limketkai drive from Osmeña St. to LKKS-Shell.



Portion of Natumulan old road from El Mundo down to Casinglot, Tagoloan
All the Barangays of Bugo, Puerto, Upper Puerto to Alae area, Tin-ao, Agusan and Balubal area, Tablon, up to Nestle including Sapong and Palalan.
From Suy Sing Warehouse-Umalag, Tablon down to Barangay Baloy, Cugman, Gusa, and greater portion of Lapasan highway up to corner Agora-Shell.
Malasag, FS Catanico, Upper Gusa and Indahag including Alegria Hills Office.


Gusa Overpass to Lapasan  up to corner Agora Shell/Puregold.


Portion of Upper Carmen, Upper Balulang and all of Brgy. Lumbia including; PNR Sawmill, Shop and transmitter; Pueblo de Oro, Camella Homes, Xavier Estates, Xavier Heights, Xavier High School, Golden Glow Village, Golden Glow North 1 & 2, Hillsborough, Philam Life, Morning Mist, all of Gran Europa including Portico, La Mirande, Lissandra, La Buena Vida, Frontiera and Montana, Vista Grande & Vista Verde Subdivisions.
Lumbia Airport & Rio Verde and BPC plant.
Along West Diversion road from crossing P.N.Roa road down up to Silver Creek Subdivision at Upper Carmen.



Portion of Natumulan, greater Tagoloan proper, all the Barangays of Baluarte, Pulot, Sugbongcogon, and Gracia, Tagoloan, PACCU/Vicmar area.


All of Barangay Macasandig from Tambo to Tibasak to Mandumol up to Taguanao area.
Along 26th St., Nazareth from corner 15th St. towards 14th up to portion of Apollo St.
Along Tomas Saco St. from Capt.Edrote St. towards Fernandez St. including  St.Agustin Cathedral;including Fernhill St. up to 15th-26th St.Nazareth.
Hayes St. from corner Hall of Justice/Boy Scout Bldg. towards City Hall area.
Along the streets of Burgos St. and Capistrano St. bounded from Hayes St. up to corner Mabini St..
Along T.Chavez St. from Burgos St. up to corner Tiano Bros. St.
Along the streets of  Rizal St., Tiano Bros. St., and Velez St. bounded from Hayes St. up to Pacana St.
Along Pabayo St. bounded from Fernandez St. up to Pacana St.
San Agustin St., Gaerlan St.,Abejuela St., Tirso Neri St., Cruz Taal St. Gomez St. and Pacana St..
Along J.R.Borja St. bounded from Pabayo St. towards Burgos St.
Along Mabini St. from Velez St. up to Burgos St.


Portion of Carmen along Yacal St. towards Lirio St., portion of Vamenta Blvd from Poldo’s Lechon towards RN Pelaez Blvd., Waling-waling St. up to GSIS area including Ferrabrel St., Mango St. and portion of Rosal St. and Marigold St..

All of Kauswagan proper, Bonbon and Bayabas.
Along Montalban St. from near Tiano Bros. St. towards Burgos St., del Pilar St. and Magsaysay St. including portions of Macahambus St. and Abellanosa St. from Burgos St..
Portions of Antonio Luna St. from corner Corrales Ave.; towards vicinities along Apolinar Velez St. up to corner Mabini St. including portion of: Macahambus St. from Apolinar Velez St. and Tiano Bros. St. from Macahambus St.


NHA Phase 3, Kauswagan towards Gaisano Warehouse.
Along Kauswagan Hiway bounded from Toyota Service Center towards Westbound Terminal including former Ramcar and Magnolia area.
Greater portion of Barangay Bulua along National hiway and all of Barangay Iponan.

We hope all CEPALCO customers & the public in general will be guided by this announcement.

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