Cagayan de Oro Whitewater Rafting

The City of Golden Friendship known as Cagayan de Oro is one of the best places to go whitewater rafting this summer. As the city of Cagayan de Oro prides itself of its natural and bountiful environment which is surrounded by mountains and river gorges, your Cagayan de Oro whitewater rafting adventure will definitely be worth the while. The Cagayan de Oro River is known for its spectacular and breathtaking rapids, untouched surroundings, and beautiful panoramic view of the river rocky walls. The awesome roar and power of water cascading over rocks and boulders is what makes the Cagayan de Oro River a whitewater rafting adventure destination.

If you are planning to enjoy your summer trip with your friends and family and you want to experience the thrill and adventure of whitewater rafting in Cagayan de Oro, then here is a list of professional whitewater rafting outfitters here in Cagayan de Oro that you could hire for your first whitewater river rafting trip in the city.

Rafting CDO –

Bugsay River Rafting –

Kagay –

Rafting Adventure Philippines –

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