Camiguin Island Panaad 2016

Camiguin Island is not only a tourist destination but also a place for devotees to contemplate and pilgrims to offer a sacrifice during lenten season. The Panaad Festival 2016 in Camiguin is an annual celebration of Roman Catholics to commemorate the Holy Week and death of Christ. People from all walks of life visit the island yearly to make a pilgrimage by walking around the island. ‘Panaad’ is a local term derived from the Visayan word ‘saad’ which means “To Promise.” Some of the pilgrims said that if you can conquer the hardships of the 64 km walk, you can conquer any hardships that may come in your life.

The 64-kilometer walk through the island’s municipalities and an uphill walk in Mt. Vulcan where the 14 Stations of the Cross are located is one of the highlights of Camiguin Panaad 2016. The long walk starts at Holy Wednesday and ends on Good Friday, where devotees from all over Mindanao and neighboring provinces flock the island for the annual celebration.

As for tourists spending the Holy Week in one of Camiguin Island’s beach resorts, their are a lot of things to do aside from being part of the Panaad Festival 2016. Their are a lot of tourist attractions that you might be interested in that would make your trip a very memorable one.

For first timers who are planning to join the Panaad 2016 walk, make sure to follow these tips to be safe. I did the walk last year and because we were carrying to much baggage, we ended up not finishing the whole trip on the island as we were so exhausted carrying heavyweight backpacks. We started in the port of Guinsiliban and ended up in Benoni Wharf just a few kilometers away and then hailed a motor cab all the way to Mambajao and looked for a cozy beach side resort to relax and just decided to spend the rest of the Holy Week in a backpackers cabin.

Tips for travelers going to Camiguin to join the celebration of the Panaad Festival 2016:

  • Travel light.
  • Leave your things at the resort where you’re staying or at a friend’s house.
  • Bring only a small backpack/beltbag with extra shirt, face towels, bottled water, snacks, and a first aid kit.
  • Cellphones are a must and must be fully charged before engaging in the walk.
  • Make sure to register for the walk at the port and ask for numbers to contact in case of emergency.
  • Wear light clothes and definitely no jeans. Use sandals and comfortable slippers.
  • When you’re tired, rest on nearby chapels.
  • Make sure to follow the trail. Based on experience, there are hikers who follow different roads and go the wrong direction. Although it’s safe to walk around Camiguin during day time, it’s better to be safe at all times.
  • Lastly, enjoy the moment and take some pictures.

Visit this page for more information on Camiguin Tourist Attractions.

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  1. TMC says:

    if by chance you walk by in Sagay and in need for something to fill your tummy during the 64 km walk.. ask for the place of a person named YUMIFOX.. he's quite a well-knowned guy in the town and gives out his famous "binignit nga init" for free for the hikers.his house is just by the road beside a Sto.Nino Chapel in Aguran, Sagay.

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