CDO Hotels to check in at til Easter Sunday

While most commercial establishments have closed down today, Maundy Thursday, Cagayan de Oro hotels continue its operation serving mostly tourists from around the world.

As ExploreCDO went around the city, hotels showed to be very accommodating. Some receptionists have not taken a holiday off to work as most tourists check in on these days.

Hotels in the Cagayan de Oro town proper are usually fully booked. Nature’s Pension and Grand City Hotel are two of the most busy hotels today. They hold the most number of tourists since their locations are near the major establishments.

For people looking for places to stay, hotels distant from the heart of the city still have slots. For families, Marco Hotel has hotel cottages good for 4 to 10 people. Xavier Estates also have available cottages served in hotel quality. You  can also check out the N Hotel, the newest hotel in the city and Pryce Plaza hotel, a 4-star hotel overlooking the city. Both have swimming pools and other amenities good for relaxation and spending time with your family while waiting for Easter Sunday.

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