CDO Metered Taxi Offering Free Wifi For Passengers

Having amenities such as free Wifi on board a public transport vehicle is no longer new to us since most of the brand new buses traveling all over Mindanao are already equipped with it. But a free Wifi in a taxi and mobile phone chargers to connect your smartphone during long trips is quite new to us, and I guess this gimmick to entice passengers to hire this certain taxi in Cagayan de Oro would surely be a fad. According to my friend, the driver was the one who initiated to setup the on board Wifi and smartphone chargers so that his passengers will be properly accommodated. He also has other future plans for his taxi, one would be to setup an on-board credit/debit card machine that would accept electronic payments for passengers on the go and include a free-to-use tablet as one of the added amenities inside the cab. He also didn’t charge extra and used his meter when driving my friend to Laguindingan Airport, a true and honest working taxi driver who does not rip off passengers for extra bucks.

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