CDO To Enforce Smoking Ban at Divisoria Night Cafe

The city government of Cagayan de Oro has enforced a smoking ban at the Divisoria Night Cafe and Night Market on Friday, April 9, 2010. Under Executive Order No. 2010CGJ-21 issued by City Mayor Constantino ‘Tinnex’ Jaraula, all residents, government agencies and business establishments are requested to join and support the tobacco-free Divisoria Night Cafe and Night Market this coming Friday evening.

Mayor Jaraula’s executive order aims to send a message to everyone that Cagayan de Oro City is serious about its pursuit of providing a healthier and smoke-free environment for all of its constituents.

“The Divisoria Night Café and Night Market is one event, which is nationally and internationally acknowledged as among Cagayan de Oro’s famous attractions, that will generate the necessary attention and interest if used to showcase the city’s pursuit of healthy living,” Mayor Jaraula stressed. The tobacco-free Divisoria Night Cafe and Night Market provides a venue to promote the benefits of healthier, tobacco-free lifestyle and surroundings, Mayor Jaraula added.

Sale of cigarettes or any form of tobacco shall be prohibited within the Divisoria Night Café and Night Market on April 9.            During the duration of the tobacco-free night, concessionaires, customers, participants and even spectators are prohibited smoke within the vicinity encompassing the Divisoria Night Café and Night Market. The City Health Office and the Center for Health Development-Northern Mindanao of the Department of Health will also be distributing leaflets and brochures, including educational audio-visual or live presentations, during the Night Café and Market on April 9 to increase public awareness on healthy urban living.

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