Chillin at Chaibodia Bistro and Cafe

Among the city dwellers, a new chill-out place has risen. It’s Chaibodia Bistro and Cafe located at Tiano-Montalban right in front of Steve’s Grill and KTV. A mini-restaurant in Cagayan De Oro, Chaibodia boasts of its captured crowd chilling at the place almost everyday.

What can you do at Chaibodia Bistro and Cafe?
Eat, drink, and be merry.
It’s a very simple place with artsy-fartsy interior. It’s a good venue to chill with your buddies. It’s the ‘pa-steady’ kind of hangout at Chaibodia. The chill type.

Chaibodia has the right choices of food to suit the customers’ chill trip. Their must-try is the NACHOS with so far the best salsa made by the owner herself, Michelle “Chai-chai” Buhay Veloso. What’s good about the place is that it’s safe even if you know almost everyone, if not all, are chilling with cold alcoholic beverages. For one, the place has a 2am-curfew and ‘NO firearms/deadly weapons’ policy.

Chaibodia is safe and sound.

While chilling, you can also enjoy the alternative music trip. It’s a playlist by Chai. Most of the songs are those that stuck in our list of great alternative rock songs like Blind Melon’s, Goo Goo Dolls’, and Silverchair’s.

Here’s a photo with the owner herself (middle) right outside Chaibodia

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