Kagay-anon Cheezy Cake at Night Cafe

Travelers to Cagayan De Oro always have Night Cafe in their itineraries. No matter how busy their tour schedules are, they always make it a point to visit the talked-about Cagayan De Oro Night Cafe. But just like Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand, any tourist will be confused as to what to do when he/she gets to Night Cafe.

Night Cafe at Cagayan De Oro is not a small tourist spot. It’s a long lineup of stalls and stores. Any tourist would always come to a thought of which stores would be best to visit. Here in Explore CDO, we will help you find the best spots at the location. First stop is the CHEEZY CAKE area at Night Cafe.

The Cheap Dessert
Coming from a delightful dinner in Cagayan De Oro, it would be good to have a delicious dessert. If you want it different and cheap, try the Cheezy Cake at Night Cafe. For just P5 you get a pie slice of the Cheezy Cake at Night Cafe.

The dessert is cooked with three simple ingredients: pancake dough, white sugar, and of course cheese. What makes it more delightful is the aroma of Banana leaf they use for each slice.

Manang grates a lot of cheese to every pie of Cheezy Cake. She cooks it in approximately 4-6 minutes only so waiting is of no big deal.

When we went there with my friends on a Friday night, we had to wait for 10-15 minutes before our order was made. This is not really a bad thing since they just have a one set of cooking tools. They’ve been selling it at Night Cafe for more than a year now and most of the income goes to their house monthly payment (maybe for the rent). It’s a family endeavor so you could really see how they work hard for one another.

To get there, look for Cinnamon bakery at Divisoria, Cagayan De Oro. Tourists won’t have a hard time looking for it because the store is near the bakery. The store, for now, is the only stall selling Cheezy Cake. Neighboring stalls sell the common streetfood in Cagayan De Oro namely tempura, fishballs, and Kwek-kwek.

Photo Credit: Megan Concepcion Photography

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