Missy Bon Bon awards Golden Ticket

You’ve certainly tasted if not devoured the newest dessert craze in town–the Missy Bon Bon gelato.

If you’ve been enjoying just buying from their little stall at the 2nd floor of Big R, FUN is about to get bigger only hours from now.

At 7 am tomorrow, the first to buy gelato from their newest ice cream shop outside LimKetKai Mall fronting McDonald’s will be awarded with a Golden Ticket. It may not be a ticket to fame in Hollywood like American Idol’s but it’s definitely worth sleeping early tonight.

What the Golden Ticket is
“The golden ticket winner will get to choose not only from Missy Bon Bon’s great selection of sweet dough bread, but also from Missy Bon Bon’s Gelato showcase.” -Update from company’s Facebook page

To get the Golden Ticket, the first customer for the day must have a minimum purchase of P200.

The second customer tomorrow will have a silver ticket. The third to 100th customers will have a bronze ticket. Here’s a rundown of the rewards:

Golden Ticket: Free 1 year supply of Missy Bon Bon Goodies
Silver Ticket: Free 6 month supply of Gelato
Bronze Ticket: Free 1 month supply of Goodies

FIND OUT WHO WINS TOMORROW! ExploreCDO will cover the opening to give you the best peak of what’s in CDO.

Visit Missy Bon Bon Breadshop at LimKetkai Mall, Cagayan De Oro City.

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