Nacaya favors students, suggests brownouts be at daytime

City Councilor Ian Nacaya favors the students in Cagayan De Oro in the issue of brownout schedules. He urged the Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company (CEPALCO) to change all brownout schedules to daytime.

Nacaya thinks having brownout schedules at nighttime cause a lot of hassles.

“Students also have a hard time studying without proper light illumination and petty crimes in the city have already soared high,” Councilor Nacaya said.

He justified that if it was possible to neglect the brownout schedule last Sunday and have electricity the whole day then it would also be possible to change all schedules to daytime.

The environmental officer and customer and community relations supervisor of CEPALCO thinks it’s beyond their control. Lloyd Castillo says the brownouts depend on the load curtailment for the day. These loads are issued daily through a report by the National Grid Corporation.

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