P1000 worth Valentines Date the Kagay-anon way

My cousin was asking me for suggestions for a date this Valentine’s Day. As a ‘lakwachero’ (a lover of outings, chillout, hangout, and whatever that would take me out of my home), it wasn’t a difficult task. But there was a twist: he only has P1,000.

With a thousand pesos for a Valentines date, I had to ask him what kind of date he wanted. So for those of you who want a rejuvenating type of date with romance like what he wanted, here’s an advice you can take. If you’re traveling from other places, a tourist in Cagayan De Oro, you can take this suggestion to beef up your Valentines the Kagay-anon way without spending too much.


1) Bring your partner to a spa or massage center.

There are many spa centers in Cagayan De Oro but not all of them are a good venue for Valentines. Highly recommended is Nuat Thai— a sanctuary for foot and body massage, the massage center offers Thai massage along with other popular massage types like Swedish. They aslo offer Aromatherapy massage with a variety of oil types including Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, and Green Tea. This is my favorite massage place not only because of the service but also because of the location. Nuat Thai is situated near Limketkai Mall, at Papa Juanito Square, Florentino Street. Their cheapest rate for massage is P250 for an hour of Swedish massage.

You can also try Ban Sabai, a massage center at Corrales Street, Cagayan De Oro. They have most likely the same services as Nuat Thai. They have a very relaxing place inside the center and the massage is really worth the pay. Their prices range from 250-600 for body massage. Your Valentines date would certainly be rejuvenated after a massage treat.

2) Dine out.

After a rejuvenating massage, it’s time for a romantic dinner. You have two choices to visit depending on your choice of massage place.

If you had your massage treat at Nuat Thai, just take a walk in the park under the moon from there to Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Center. You can have a romantic dinner at Kyla’s Bistro. It’s like a grilled chicken restaurant ‘fine dining’ way. Their java rice is something that adds to the taste of their a little sweet grilled chicken. Prices range from P150-300 for dinner per head.

If you had your massage at Ban Sabai, take a romantic walk to Lokal Grill & Seafood. The restaurant is an open air at the 2nd floor so fresh air is for your taking.

They have a roof deck with only 4-5 tables perfect for couples on Valentines date. Food is relatively good but the place is good enough. Here, you don’t need to order separately. You can order delicacies good for 2-3 persons and with P400, you can have a delightful dinner already.

Now we’re done discussing the activities for a P1000-worth of Valentines Date. Time to do the math.

Massage treat for 2: P500

Dinner treat for 2: P400

Total: P900

Now you still have a hundred pesos for a taxi going home. Here in Cagayan De Oro, Valentines date is not much of a problem. Watch out for more tips as we near the Valentine’s Day.

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