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X Salon undergoes makeover, now U Salon

Another “old but new” salon has opened this month. It’s old because it’s the X Salon most Kagay-anon men and women loved. It’s new because it’s now located at the 2nd floor of TILT building with a new name–U Salon.

U Salon’s building is still located along Velez-Hayes Street. As a matter of fact, it’s just beside its old location now leased by a Christian church, Victory Christian Fellowship.

The new place of one of Cagayan De Oro’s salons boasts of a more homy atmosphere. Their regular haircut is still at P180 and that still comes with shampoo treatment.

CDO’s Bugsay River Rafting Outfitters Opens Shop

Experience the adventure of Whitewater River rafting in Cagayan de Oro with Bugsay River Rafting, one of CDO’s premier whitewater rafting outfitters.

The rafting company just recently opened their one-stop-shop along A. Velez Street beside Maxi’s Bar. Bugsay River Rafting offers beginner and advanced courses to clients who want to experience the great rapids. The beginners course, runs on a three-hour downstream trip on a 12-kilometer river stretch with 14 class two rapids and scenic views, while the advanced course runs on a 16-kilometer river stretch with 21 class two-three rapids that run approximately five hours down the river. They also have trained professional river guides skilled in handling extreme courses; have knowledge and deep experience in survival and basic life support. Equipped with class A rafting gears using Sotar Brand rafts, Bugsay River Rafting will surely make your river rafting experience a safe and memorable one.

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Fashion’s Gil Macaibay goes Mediaeval

Cagayan De Oro’s very own fashion designer Gil Macaibay staged a fashion show last June 27 entitled Gil Goes Mediaeval. A number of local models took the runway to showcase Macaibay’s periodic designs at the LimKetKai Rotonda.
The designs were inspired by the Middle ages clothing line. Locals crowded Limketkai Mall at that day supporting their friends who took the runway and some were just really interested at the event itself.
Indeed, Cagayan De Oro has been progressing not only in its economy but even in the art department, specifically fashion.
Lois Mari Lamerez Madrio and Camille Ann Alvarez  strut their stuff. (Photo Credit: Jory Rivera)

Starbucks Cagayan de Oro Opening Soon

The city of Cagayan de Oro will now have its very own Starbucks Coffee Shop, one of the famous coffeehouse chains in the world. We’ve already posted a couple of months ago that the company which manages Starbucks coffee shops in the Philippines has already started looking for potential employees who will be working in their soon-to-open Starbucks coffee shop here in CDO. The world famous coffeehouse chain, originally based in Seattle, Washington U.S.A is already planning to add more branches in the growing commercial areas in the Visayas and Mindanao. Now that the Rustan Coffee Corporation, the company who runs a lot of Starbucks branches in the Philippines, has already started the development of their first Mindanao coffee shop branch, we the Kagay-anon’s are expecting that by the end of this year we will already have our very first Starbucks serving freshly brewed coffees here in the city of Golden Friendship.

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K-Pop Mania: Crossing Islands for a U-Kiss concert

by: Penny Cunanan

(This is a journey of a Kagay-anon who’d do everything including flying from Cagayan De Oro to Manila to watch U-Kiss.)

When word got out that a K-Pop boy group called U-Kiss would be holding their 1st U-Kiss Concert tour in the Philippines, I was ecstatic. Who wouldn’t? One of my favorite groups would be performing almost half of their songs in their album during the concert and I don’t want to miss that opportunity! Besides, its my first ever kpop concert so I promised myself I’d go to that concert no matter what it takes.

I really don’t want to make this really long and make it too-detailed. Almost two weeks have passed since the concert happened, so I don’t think I could remember everything, so do forgive me. I’ll just share some of the highlights during my U-Kiss concert escapade.

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