Top 3 Holy Week destinations in Cagayan De Oro

Xavier University Chapel CDO

It’s the Holy Week and tourists are in for a religious treat. Travelers would want to experience Holy Week holidays in Cagayan De Oro because of certain locations that cater to religious goals. Let’s look into the most common Holy Week destinations in Cagayan De Oro.

Top 3 Holy Week Destinations in Cagayan De Oro:
3.   Xavier University Chapel

Carved with world-class broken glass designs by one of its alumni Ryan Carreon, the Xavier University Chapel is one destination in Cagayan de Oro that any tourist must visit. Not that it’s very historical, which it is, but this chapel is the most prominent in the city.

There’s no comparing needed but I guess what makes the chapel prominent locally is the fact that it’s ‘The Chapel’ inside Ateneo de Cagayan.

Most locals look forward to attending Sunday masses in this chapel because of good sermons from Jesuit priests.

THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO HERE: Take good photos. Listen to good sermons.

2.   Malasag Walkway
Every Holy Week, people flock to Malasag to participate in the procession for the Stations of the Cross. It’s a religious activity and if you’re in for a treat like it, this destination is a good one. Just make sure you’re physically ready because you’ll be up for a long distance walk.

Participate in spiritual activity. Appreciate water.

1.   Divine Mercy Shrine
It’s the shrine every Kagay-anon is talking about. This shrine has a HUGE statue of Jesus Christ like the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What better way to describe the place but to say: you have to visit the place to see it.

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2 Responses to “Top 3 Holy Week destinations in Cagayan De Oro”

  1. Bong says:

    Is there a Divine Mercy Shrine in Cagayan de Oro? Is’nt it located in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental?

  2. cdoexplorer says:

    Yes it’s located in El Salvador just a 30minute ride from CDO.

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