Tips on how to get to Laguindingan International Airport

How to get to Laguindingan Airport

Laguindingan International Airport recently opened its doors to passengers all over Northern Mindanao last June 15, 2013. There were a lot of talks about the estimated travel time from Cagayan de Oro to Laguindingan and the availability of public transportation vehicles going to and from the airport. In order to help those who will be traveling this month and the months to come, ExploreCDO will provide a detailed post about how to get to Laguindingan Airport via Cagayan de Oro route. Please take note that Laguindingan Airport is estimated to be an hour drive away from the CDO city proper, so when you travel, make sure to travel early and arrive an hour or two ahead before you check-in which is 45mins. before you board your scheduled flight.

Laguindingan Airport Departure Area

Panormic view of the Laguindingan Airport departure area

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by Cagayan de Oro travelers:

How much is the Laguindingan Airport terminal fee?

The cost of the airport terminal fee is 200php.

What mode of transportation going to Laguindingan is available? 

1. Travel to Laguindingan Airport via public utility bus – Air conditioned and non-airconditioned buses are available 24 hours from the West Bound Terminal situated in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City. Take the bus going the CDO-Iligan route. For additional comfort, ride an air-conditioned bus (estimated fare is 75-80 php) from CDO to Iligan City. Inform the bus conductor that you’ll be dropping off at the Laguindingan Airport crossing (highway). When arriving at the LIA crossing, look for air conditioned multicab vehicles. These public coasters will take you to the airport proper, which is 4-5kms away from the highway and will cost 25 php per passenger.

2. Take the Express Vans or Vans for Hire – Laguindingan Airport vans  aka LAX Shuttle are available for transporting passengers from CDO to LIA with regular fare price amounting to Php 249.00 per person. Pick-up and drop-off point is at Centrio Mall (in front of Seda Hotel CDO and at the Corrales Street entrance of the mall). For a much cheaper option, you can also take the Magnum Express vans, which are situated in Bulua Terminal with estimated fare ranging from Php 80.oo to Php 100.00. From the airport to CDO proper, fare is Php 199.00 per person. As of this writing, Magnum Express vans are temporarily stationed along C.M Recto Avenue in Cagayan de Oro beside Centrio Ayala mall.

Another alternative are CDOTransco airport vans, which can be located in designated locations in Cagayan de Oro proper. Their passenger vans are parked at Divisoria area (near DBP bank), SaveMore Kauswagan area, and at SM City CDO. Just ask the drivers for individual passenger fee.

3. Ride a Taxi in CDO– Although there’s already a mandate from the LTFRB that taxi driver’s should not be overcharging passengers traveling to Laguindingan Airport and should be strictly using their taxi meters in transporting passengers, there are still other taxi drivers who will rip you off and charge you exorbitant fees. The usual rip off taxi rate is 1300-1500 for a one way trip going to LIA. So in order to get rid of this problem, take an airport taxi instead. Soon metered yellow airport taxis will be roaming around the city where 70php will be charged as their flag-down rate and an additional 4.50 php for the succeeding 300 meters. If you encounter problems with rude taxi drivers, don’t hesitate to call the LTFRB hotline (088) 857-5637 and report the incident immediately. Don’t forget to take note of the taxi’s body number, plate number, and time and date of incident.

As per writing, there are still no International Flights scheduled in the newly built airport since the latter still lacks the complete navigational equipment, so for now, LIA will only cater to domestic flights from morning till late afternoon. We’ll soon update you of the availability of International Flights as soon as we have information.

LIA departure area photo courtesy of: Fayeed Tan

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12 Responses to “Tips on how to get to Laguindingan International Airport”

  1. Fay-Franchesca Romero Flores says:

    is their any transport from AGORA TERMINAL to LIA?

  2. Just head over to Centrio ayala mall for the LAX shuttle and Magnum Express vans..

  3. Oclarit Jong says:

    24/7 po ba ang Transport to laguindingan Airport from Centrio ayala mall?

  4. Thanks for the info.It helps a lot:)

  5. Schedule for LAX Shuttle from Centrio Mall to LIA

    5:00AM – 6:15AM
    5:45AM – 7:00AM
    8:30AM – 9:45AM
    9:15AM – 10:30AM
    12:00NN – 1:15PM
    2:45PM – 4:00PM

    Schedule may vary so it's best to travel 3hrs before your flight schedule.

  6. Anonymous says:

    At around what time in the morning the public coasters are available at LIA crossing?

  7. Anonymous says:

    At around what time in the morning the public coasters are available at LIA crossing?

  8. Anonymous says:

    How do you get from Agora terminall to Laguindingan Airport?

  9. Analyn Tindoy says:

    thanks for the info.

  10. Kriisttal Joiice says:

    when is the best time to reserve a shuttle ticket if my flight dep is 4:55 pm? can I reserve it on the day of my flight or a day before the flight?

  11. Explore CDO – Cagayan de Oro Lifestyle and Attractions how many hours to travel from cdo via LAX shuttle to LIA ??

  12. When is the best time to resrve a shuttle bus my departure in airport is about 9 am ? Can resrve that day or what .

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